15th Oct 2016, 11:22 PM in Chapter 2: Hours 15 to 30
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Author Notes:
...Yes, the 'Grimes' interpretation of RIME 7129 is here.

I'm sorry to leave you hanging. Will 'GRIMES' be the passcode?
User comments:
i k n e w it!!! i think. i hope.
tee hee...
6 alphabets? How is that a thing?
Many number codes are 4-number codes, and 'number' has 6 letters. 6 minus 4 is 2.

'alphabet' has 8 letters. 8 minus 6 is 2.

Hence, 6 letter alphabet code.

This all makes sense, don't worry...
AW no more! :( I'm all caught up! X'D awesome comic so far!! Mark is great and the story is a real page-turner! I'm really caught up in the mystery so far...The Ward is best comic.
ʕノ•ᴥ•ʔノ ︵ ┻━┻
Thank you so much! :)

Hopefully I will be less busy and this comic will update quickly.
whens the page where mark does one of his guess-what-the-answer-is speeches and sarahs like "oh well looks like we got mr god dang sherlock holmes over here, asshole," and then they just kind of continue and mark is 10% less talkative for the rest of the chapter and he goes home and eats macaroni and cries
I think I'm going to let Mark have the fun he wants until he has to suffer.